We strive to develop in students the quest for knowledge, proficiency in written and oral communication skills and the capability to think independently. We nurture in students an open mind capable of analytical thinking, commitment and hard work and guide them to become confident, self-assured and caring citizens of tomorrow. We encourage all students to realise their true potential.


We recognise the uniqueness of each child through a programme of learning opportunities that promote challenge and personalised learning at all levels.

Here at GEMS Wellington International School your child will experience an enabling, inclusive environment which will inspire them to achieve and succeed.  We encourage creative and critical thinking within the context of meaningful real-life learning experiences.  Our curriculum celebrates the diversity within our school and strives to create a nurturing environment with a strong, open and positive partnership between all stakeholders and the wider community.

We endeavour to equip our children with the skills, attitudes and attributes required to become respectful, proactive citizens in an international community – respectful of themselves, each other and the world around them.  In addition to academic excellence, ourcurriculum offers opportunities for our students to excel in leadership, sport, creative and performing arts.

As an IB school offering the International Baccalaureate programme for our students Post-16, we are committed to the development of students in accordance with the IB learner profile.  The profile aims to develop learners who are:

  •          Inquirers
  •          Knowledgeable
  •          Thinkers
  •          Communicators
  •          Principled
  •          Open-minded
  •          Caring
  •          Risk Takers
  •          Balanced
  •          Reflective

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