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ART fosters innovation and creativity in our young learners, as this is where they get a free hand at expressing all they feel through colours/props in their own way.

GEMS Art Curriculum takes the responsibility of bringing out the creativity in the originality of the students, by developing the child’s body and mind coordination. The most important phase for a child to undergo this learning is the Early Years Program (EYP Phase), when their minds are most impressionable, and their comprehension can be easily developed and reflected in the years ahead.


Early Years Program: The Art curriculum for Grades I and II Include:

  • The Nature of Individual Discipline.
  • The Age and Developmental Stage of the Learners.
  • The Range of Opportunities for Learning.
  • Student Interest and Enthusiasm.
  • Multiple Intelligence.

In the later years after grade III, we focus on enabling the child to put his skills to constructive use, which is why the ART curriculum is merged in the teaching methodologies including interdisciplinary approach of learning, merging different subjects with engaging activities, thereby drawing out their creativity and innovation in learning of the basic subjects.


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