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Best CBSE International School in Bathinda

GEMS Public School is one of the leading schools at Bathinda, situated in the heart of the city.

The school offers vibrant learning environment across an area of 4.1 acres wide spacious campus accompanied by eminent curriculum imparting the right blend of International practices, academics and co-scholastic activities along with proficient teaching faculties delivering the quality education. Our initiative of unique philosophy, ‘SHARPER theory’ is the foundation of the school curriculum, specially designed by Central Academic and Research Team (CART) to make our students self sufficient by extending their area of expertise in the global standard. The school is celebrated for bringing the International standard of education to children in Bathinda.


  1. Spacious campus with Tech-Assisted Smart Classrooms

  2. A library with treasure trove of information

  3. Advanced Laboratories for Science and Computer

  4. Playground facilitating various sports and recreational zones

  5. Talents Space- Auditorium for arts, dance and music

Below are the Overview of all the bus routes that our school provides for the Bathinda branch Bathinda, Bhagu, Tungwali, Katar Singhwala, Gehri Bhagi, Mehta,, Jodhpur Romana.


Academic Excellence - Best International Schools in Bathinda

Academic Excellence & International Exposure

Inter and Intra GEMS Schools Olympiads from Primary Grades( Junior Ramanujam, Junior Einstein etc. ) and Student Exchange Program

 Hands On Learning - Best International Schools in Bathinda

Hands on Learning

Science, Maths, Play school kits for individual child

Public Speaking Program - Best International Schools in Bathinda

Public Speaking Program

Starts from LKG with 3 periods a week

Libray Programme - Best International Schools in Bathinda

Library / Reading Program

To inculcate reading habits from preschool stage

Best International School

Health & Nutrition Program

Health assessment for child well being

Sports - Best International Schools in Bathinda


Sports curriculum which focuses on motor skills at early stage and skills development in later stages

 Dance Curriculum - Best International Schools in Bathinda


Dance Curriculum which focuses on child's personality development and social skills

Music Curriculum - Best International Schools in Bathinda


Music Curriculum in collaboration with Furtado's School of Music ( Piano, Guitar etc.)

Latest Stories

GEMS Public School, Bathinda
GEMS Public School, Bathinda
“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”
Students of Pre-KG, KG-1 and KG-2 said goodbye to the session 2018-19 with "Holi Celebration". They celebrated Holi as 'Colour Carnival'. They played with organic Holi colours, pichkaries. They showed their art skills in blow painting, toothbrush painting. They were entertained with one minute games, musical chair and fun rides. Gifts were given to the winners and refreshment was given to all the children.
GEMS Public School, Bathinda
GEMS Public School, Bathinda
As the first batch of Grade X of GEMS Bathinda are all set to write their first Board Examination, we wish them all the very best!! May you all truly shine with flying colours.. God bless you all
GEMS Public School, Bathinda
GEMS Public School, Bathinda
National Science Day is celebrated every year on 28 February. It spreads a message about the Importance of science in the our daily life. To celebrate this day Science Quiz was organized for grades Pre-KG, KG-1 and KG-2. Students participated enthusiastically and achievers were appreciated.
GEMS Public School, Bathinda
GEMS Public School, Bathinda
“I cannot say goodbye to those whom I have grown to love, for the memories we have made will last a lifetime, and will never know a goodbye.”
The Farewell was organized by the students and teachers of Grade IX on 26th February in the school where students of Grade IX bid farewell to the outgoing students of Grade X with great enthusiasm!
The function began with the welcome speech. The Principal of the school, Mrs. Anju Nagpal enlightened the students with her inspirational speech. The performances were thoroughly enjoyed by the audience! Many interesting and tricky games were played to pep up the environment. Different Titles were awarded to different students. On concluding the show Ansh Nagapl and Chetan Dixit delivered the Farewell Speech! Token of love was given to all the outgoing students.
Summing up, the day was great, filled with nostalgia and fun and excitement!
GEMS Public School, Bathinda
GEMS Public School, Bathinda
To mark the significance of all round personality development of a child GEMS Bathinda acknowledged its LGI students in the form of Graduation Day with a gracious passing out ceremony of all tiny tots, who have spent their initial year of life in school. This day they step forward from Pre-Primary – Class 1st. It is the first step forwards formal education, Little Gemmnites were very excited on passing out from Grade KG2 to Grade I and receive their degrees in their black gowns and smart caps.
GEMS Public School, Bathinda
GEMS Public School, Bathinda
The students prepared various displays which they talked about in detail during the exhibition. This event was of great importance, as it offered an opportunity for our students to put into practice what they learnt in classrooms. They went an extra mile to do additional research and have thought creatively to conceptualize their experiments.
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