Admission Inquiry 2019-2020


At GEMS, we believe dance is an important part of a balanced education programme.

It is a special way of nurturing creativity, confidence, and originality in a child. GEMS curriculum for Dance emphasizes on the same thought. It focuses on  the kinesthetic development of the students, and ensure their body-mind coordination is brought to practice on a regular basis, helping them to find balance in their life.

GEMS Dance Curriculum introduces Physical, Emotional and Social Attributes on a wider scale. It instills flexibility, strength, endurance, balance coordination, etc.  in the students, both physically and in terms of a life skill.



Curriculum designed for EYP students includes:

GEMS DANCE CURRICULUM- Primary & Secondary:

With GEMS Dance Curriculum for the Secondary classes of Grade V to X, we move a step ahead with advanced dance training where each dance form has been assigned as activity in different weeks to extract the best of learnings that we have to grasp.

The curriculum consists of warm up, isolation, footwork, flexibility, Cool Downs and much more. We have taken into account each element of Dance, Body, Acton, Space, Energy & Relationships. The last week counts for a Showcase week, where presentation are prepared and showed in Mega Events.

‘My Dance Book’ is an initiative for the students to keep a record of all of their learnings.

Our Dance curriculum is unique for each age group and each dance form. We move ahead with well strategized assessments and a curriculum that is always prepared for upgradation with the latest teaching methods executed by our highly trained professionals.