Admission Inquiry 2019-2020


Student’s Health is a priority at GEMS. It is very common for students to go overweight or underweight in this generation. Severe health issues due to lack of nutrition are no longer limited to adults, which is why we give extra attention to the health of our students. In order for our students to focus on their studies with all that they have, we take it as a responsibility to keep a regular track of the child’s health, since it’s always better to we decode the problem as soon as possible to take required precautions and avoid any psychological or social problem that the child might face in later years and affect his/her performance.

On a general note too, it is extremely difficult to instil a healthy lifestyle habit in the children, which is what we have tried to achieve. GEMS has exclusively designed an entire program dedicated to Health and Nutrition of its children, strategically planned along with efficient assessing process.Each child’s health is tracked through a food diary assigned to him. Through this we can scale their stamina, strength, body mass index, heart rate, skin color monitoring for anemia etc.

A series of assessments named ABCD Assessments are performed in the following order:

Students are always protected under our Health and Nutrition Program, ready to conquer the world while we ensure no hurdles can stop them.After all, Their achievements are our achievements.