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Student’s Health is a priority at GEMS. It is very common for students to go overweight or underweight in this generation. Severe health issues due to lack of nutrition are no longer limited to adults, which is why we give extra attention to the health of our students. In order for our students to focus on their studies with all that they have, we take it as a responsibility to keep a regular track of the child’s health, since it’s always better to we decode the problem as soon as possible to take required precautions and avoid any psychological or social problem that the child might face in later years and affect his/her performance.


On a general note too, it is extremely difficult to instil a healthy lifestyle habit in the children, which is what we have tried to achieve. GEMS has exclusively designed an entire program dedicated to Health and Nutrition of its children, strategically planned along with efficient assessing process.Each child’s health is tracked through a food diary assigned to him. Through this we can scale their stamina, strength, body mass index, heart rate, skin color monitoring for anemia etc.


A series of assessments named ABCD Assessments are performed in the    following order:


Alpha Fitness Assessments

The Alpha Fitness Assessments form an initial record of the body of the child through Cardiorespiratory Fitness & Musculoskeletal Fitness analysis.

Cardiorespiratory Fitness – Through various exercises like jumping jacks,looks after the smooth functioning of the heart and the lungs. We intend to measure a child’s breathing capacity.

Musculoskeletal Fitness – Through exercises to measure handgrip strength, we check and track the child’s upper body isometric strength. Here the child’s muscle strength, muscle endurance, and muscle power is assessed.


Biochemical Assessments

The Body Mass Index of each child individually is captured. This gives an idea of their strengths and weaknesses.

BMI – Student’s Body size is determined through Body Mass Index to figure out if the child if underweight or overweight. This is to avoid any cardiovascular diseases in the students.

Waist circumference: The purpose of this is to estimate central body fat of the students. Through this we intend to identify and rectify any risk factor for lifestyle-related and cardiovascular diseases.

Skinfold Assessments: Subcutaneous fat and Body Fat percentage is measured through Skinfold Assessments. In order to avoid any cardiovascular diseases in the child, this assessment is crucial.

Clinical Assessments-

These Assessments record a  student’s heart rate and skin color index, enabling us to understand their health a little better. This assessment is a step forward in the health analysis of the child, which leads us to accurate results for any problem that the child might be facing.

Heart Rate: Monitoring the health schedules and exercises of a child, to ensure he/she is moving in the right direction. This assures the smooth functioning of the child’s heart and balance in his/her body.

Skin Color Monitoring: This assessments points out any possible condition of anemia. Many children, due to anemia, are not able to perform to the best of their capabilities which we ensure never happens. By identifying the problem early, we take necessary precautions well in time.

Health and nutrition at GEMS Schools india

Dietary Assessments – Dietary Assessments focuses on the eating habits of a child. A timely track of their food diaries, and timely follow ups, allow us to be assured of their health time to time.

Eating Behaviour Assessment – These assessments help us keep a regular check on the eating habits of a child, in order to avoid any eating disorders that the child might face.

ABC Assessments– This is a combined assessments of all the three assessments. This are jotted together for a combined result.

Food diary– It is essential to maintain a daily record of the child’s health which is why we have introduced food diaries for each student. Now we can monitor the child’s health efficiently and consistently.

Students are always protected under our Health and Nutrition Program, ready to conquer the world while we ensure no hurdles can stop them.After all, Their achievements are our achievements.

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