A student’s life encompasses many emotions and experiences which are not always easy for them to  tackle. This is the most crucial time for a child since it is easy for them to break down, catch emotional or psychological disorders, or pick up a wrong path in life.
GEMS stands by its  students in better and in worse scenarios. Our counselors ensure each and every child at GEMS gets the required guidance/mentoring by providing them individual attention.

Our counselors are well trained to help the students:

  • Identifying and extending their strengths, interests, and talents, guiding with suitable career awareness and guidance.
  • By providing a listening ear that can listen intently to whatever is going in the child’s mind.
  • In coping with behavioral issues that a teacher might have noticed in the child, and the analysis help them understand the child better.
  • By keeping the parents in loop for the child’s growth, be it personal, social or psychological.
  • To get along with teacher, and be open about their thoughts, their goals, therefore open to learning. This gives the child clarity his setting his own goals.
  • In being frank with the counselors for discussing personal or professional advice, and for issues they feel the teacher cannot comprehend.
  • Through combined efforts of the teachers and the counselors through sessions on academics, careers, and personal/social issues which can help them with better decision-making.


How the Counselling works for a child?

Counseling at GEMS is an effective method of ensuring a child’s well being at every step of their school life. To avoid peer pressure, depression, or any other rising issues of the modern generation. Our counselors are present in each of our branches.

  • The child can book an appointment with the counselor whenever he feels like he requires personal attention to any specific problem.
  • Counselors are open to meet with the parents of the child through a scheduled appointment.
  • The child can visit the counselor in lunch, can pick a date and time when they can discuss in detail of the issues.
  • The counselor overviews the child’s schedule, and acts accordingly by calling the student in a lighter period, or immediately, as per required. The details are always kept confidential, till the time it is not affecting the safety of the child. In severe cases, parents are always kept in loop.

We believe it is our moral duty to make sure every learner at GEMS is nurtured in a healthy and growing environment. Students at GEMS can never feel lonely or disturbed by any problem, since we are always standing here with help and required support, be it educational, career based, personal, academic or social issues.