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Excellence in education calls for rigorous hard work, provided the student has clarity of the basic concepts. GEMS believes it is extremely important for the students to understand the logic behind everything they learn. Especially when they are preparing to appear for their competition exams, each second of their school life counts, and we intend to make each one worth it.

Secondary grade students of VI to X are provided with a more concrete schedule where the focus is on consistent practice of the concepts they have learned through academic rigor that we instill in them. The entire program is oriented at making them prepared for their future, where our highly qualified faculty takes charge of rooting out the fear of typical subjects such as Science, Technology, Engineering or mathematics. Each subject is taught in a creative manner, by improvising on the practical application on each of it. It increases the productivity as well as their interest in learning too.

Students are subjected to a CBSE curriculum along with teaching methodology based on international norms till grade VIII, after which they are looked after through a specific syllabus relevant to their expertise. Preparation for competition exams like AIPMT, JEE, CLAT etc are also covered under our curriculum.

Teaching Methodology:

Secondary grades focuses on the experiential learning, where it is ensured that each child gets the most basic of his facts cleared which will help him in the coming years of his studies and competition exams. This enables him to discard his fear of Science, engineering, or complicated concepts of Mathematics and Technology. Through conceptual based learning, they are able to stand out of the crowd and perform well not just in scores but in knowledge as well.


Under GEMS Career Foundation Program (GCFP), each child is prepared by our IIT graduated faculty, for various competition exams. The main aim of this program is to make sure the students have a clear understanding of logic behind any topic or formulas. By focusing more on the concept rather than marks, we are building personalities.


Subjects  –




Secondary classes aim at making our students excel their core understanding of the concepts. OCFP guided logical and conceptual learning. Activity based learning & Aptitude focused questions.
COMPUTER SCIENCES The secondary classes include integrated version of Computer Sciences including higher level of computer applications. ROBOTICS Preparing the students for future by engaging them in software and programming.
GCFP Our IIT alumni helps us to instill a logical understanding of scientific concepts in students, preparing them for various competition exam. Live experimentations & Laboratory Practices Internal and External Competitions and  assessments.
SOCIAL SCIENCES Social Sciences for secondary grades cover History, Geography and Civics, through practical learning. Role Plays, Dummy sessions of Parliaments, courts etc. Awareness based experiential learning through street plays, rallies etc
ENGLISH English is the first language & mandatory for all, taught through through creative tools and visual aids. Literature Language Integration Creative Writing sessions.
LANGUAGES Multi-linguistic skills add a huge advantage to the personality of a child. It not only helps him in better communication but also provides him with wider opportunities in every field.
English, Hindi, French, Kannada, Marathi
The First Language option is English. This is mandatory for all grades.

Second Language option includes Hindi, Kannada, and French. While these options are open from grade I, French is open for the students of grade V to grade X.

For Third Language option, Marathi, Kannada, Hindi, and French. These languages are covered since Grade I till Grade VIII.

French is a compulsory language as the Fourth Language. This language option is from grade II till grade IV.

CO-CURRICULAR SUBJECTS Music, Dance, Theatre. Physical Education, Public Speaking






DIGITAL ENHANCED LEARNING (DEL) Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)



Weekly Assessments – 20 min objective tests that act as checkpoints in a student’s academic schedule, conducted in the buffer periods to maintain a child’s consistency.
Periodic Assessments – Objective and Subjective tests conducted once in each term for all scholastic subjects, that accounts to 10% in final results.
Summative Assessments – Objective and Subjective tests conducted at the end of each term for all scholastic subjects except Computers. These tests accounts for 40% in the final results.
External Assessments – Gray Matters, SOF, ASSET, HOMI BHABHA, Spell Bee, TLP

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