“What can be learned on the ground cannot be learned in the classroom”

GEMS emphasizes on the overall development of a child, which calls for a well developed Physical Education Program. Sports curriculum at GEMS has been designed with an aim to draw out the hidden talents in the students, enabling them to excel any sport they wish to master.

Sports instills strength, speed, flexibility, control, and many more values. Only when a child experiences a sport in his life, is he able to experience a number of values like teamwork, dedi

cation, and persistence, that remain with him forever. Not only do these build up a personality in them, but also becomes an add on to the career choices that they can pursue.

The students are exposed to State, National and International level competitions, pushing them to aim for higher goals, giving them a good preview of what all awaits them. Inter-section, Inter-houses and Inter-branch competitions take place frequently to maintain consistency in their growth.


GEMS makes all attempts to draw out the latent talents of the students, by encouraging each talent through a special program called ‘GEMS Special Talent Program’. Through this program, we discover young talents and provide them with special coachings for no cost. This leads them in the right direction of most suitable sport for them, motivates them to put good efforts and consider sports as a career option too.

List of Sports events/activities.   

  • Team Sports
  • Football :

    Football is one of the most widely played and followed sport amongst all. Be it a child, or a parent, each is  equally   excited about a football match that they just can’t miss. Our huge football fields along with efficiently trained coaches will definitely not disappoint your child.

  • Throw ball: 

    This particular sport is known for all it adds on to the child’s personality. Teamwork, judgement, speed and faster reflexes are all the benefits of playing throw ball. Students at GEMS are introduced to throw ball since an early age, enabling them to learn a great deal of values since the start.

  • Basketball:

    We have Basketball as a part of our sports curriculum that looks after a rapid overall development of the children. Their body and mind is put to test through good playing strategies along with rigorous physical movement and practice.

  • Volleyball:

    Volleyball is a well recognized sport which tests the agility and reflexes of the children. They learn to trust and take responsibility for themselves while they set the game for their teammates.

  • Handball:

    GEMS offers Handball as one of the early sports for the students. This is one of the most common sport, that improves their aim, stamina, coordination and wrist movement.

  • Combat Sports
    • Taekwondo
      Taekwondo enhances a child’s mental and physical strength, instilling self-discipline and endurance in them. It is appreciated all across the globe as an art form since it enhances the child’s strength, alertness and improves the reflexes.

 Once a child learns combat sports, he learns never to give up and all can be achieved through dedicated efforts.

       Aquatic Sports

    • Swimming:
      Learning Aquatic Sports benefits a child throughout his/her life. Swimming is considered not just a sport but a life skill. It contributes to the child’s physical development, and improves their mind coordination. This opens up an opportunity for them to enter National and International level swimming competitions too. Our spacious pools along with trained guidance enable a child to master swimming in the most convenient way possible.
  • Athletics:
    Athletics stretch the abilities of the students through long jumps, marathons etc. It enhances their muscle power,       stamina and other physical benefits, boosting the self confidence of the child, leading to better academic scores.
  • Hit-a-cone
    Hit-a-cone focuses on polishing a child’s aim, training them to achieve their results by orienting their focus on their target. This activity occupies a brief amount of time from a child’s schedule, while imparting a number of life skills all at once.

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